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What is going on with your DPF ?

DPF Troubles ?

Then you have found the right site.

What does a DPF do ?

Well in simple terms it stops harmful substances from your engine getting out into the environment.

The average life span is between 60 and 80k miles before it starts to play up.

Servicing with the correct oils and parts helps but lets face it nothing lasts for ever.


We can help

When you drive your vehicle at measured times it will start what is called a Passive Regeneration

At this point you are supposed to keep the vehicle moving at normally between 2500 and 3500 revs for a period of around 40 minutes  if this is interrupted then that is stored in your ECU/ECM

At that point every time your vehicle gets up to temp is should try again. After 10 attempts it will then abort the operation and let the substances from your engine block or damage your DPF


We are here to help

With our mobile service we can come to you and asses the levels of soot and ash content in your DPF  and from that point you still have a couple of options available to you without buying another DPF

If the ash content isn't to high then we can force your vehicle into a Regeneration and reset the system.

If the ash content is to high then it will mean a remove from the vehicle to have it washed out

All of which very much cost affective in comparison to buying a New DPF.

Please note this page is under construction and will more detail will be added soon.

Thanks for L@@king

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